Getting Started with Your Managed Instance

The process to complete the setup of a managed instance is quite simple. There are only two basic requirements:

  1. You need to have your own domain registered.
  2. You need to be able to manage the DNS records of it, so that this domain can point to our own servers (where your managed instance will be running)

Set up the proper DNS records

On your domain registrar's page, you need to set up the domain you want to use (the top-level one, without www or any other prefix) to our main server gateway, which is

You do that by creating a CNAME record. Instructions will differ based on the registrar. If you don't know how to do that, please head to our support site and just let us know what provider you are using.

Tell us what domain you want to use for your instance

After creating an account on the portal and purchasing one of our Managed Hosting packages, you will see a card on the dashboard for your new server. Click on the "manage" link and you will be able to set the domain you want to use.

Login to your site

As soon as you provide a domain and we confirm that it is pointing to our gateway, we will provision and start the server for you. Depending on the service you selected, there will be different methods to login:

- How to Login to your Mastodon Managed Instance

- How to Login to your Lemmy Managed Instance

This process is not fully automated yet. If your server is still not up after providing the domain on the portal, please send an email to

Enjoy your server!

With the admin credentials, you will have full control over the server. You will be able to invite other users, open/close the instance for registration, even customize the appearance of your server however you want.