The next step in the evolution of ActivityPub servers

Takahē is an ActivityPub server (like Mastodon, Pleroma and GoToSocial), but unlike the others it allows you to host multiple domains on the same infrastructure. This means that one single deployment can serve multiple different people, each of them with their own domain.

Takahē can be an excellent alternative for those looking to have control over their own identity in the Fediverse but do not want to deal with managing their own servers. Before Takahē, the only available option would be for people to host their own "single-user" instance, which may incur significant costs in hosting, storage, etc.

Communick is now offering Takahē hosting for anyone looking for a single account with their own domain. If you'd prefer to run a server on your own domain for more users, please take a look at our Managed Mastodon hosting services, and if you don't own your domain and are looking for a worry-free way to join the millions of people in the Fediverse, our basic access packages are your best bet.

Managed Hosting

You can have your own Takahē server which is fully managed by us. Prices depend only on the amount of resources needed.