Social media and messaging that respects you and your privacy

Communick takes the best open communications and social networking systems and hosts them for you. With our generous group packages, privacy-aware people now have an alternative for themselves and their friends.

What do we provide?



All standard plans provides access to all the services hosted by us. You can choose to have group packages, which can let you bring you more people at a cheaper price. You can try all plans for 14 days. No payment required. No questions asked.

Services Accounts Price
14-day trial period.
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14-day trial period.

Come help us make a better Internet

Communick started in 2018 out of the dissatisfaction with the dominant social media platforms, which treats us as mere targets to extract our personal data and bombard us with ads. We are not funded by any venture investors and we are not looking to turn into another monopolistic, all-controlling corporation.

We believe in the power of community and open source. You will get first-class support directly from someone who is deeply involved with the development of these applications and who cares about your stay. We pledge to donate 20% of our profits to all the underlying projects used by our service. We know how hard it is to work to provide an alternative to the Big Tech platforms with so little funding, and we want to help as much as we can.

Even if you are not ready to sign-up yet, feel free to reach out on Matrix