Resource Usage, Limits and Quotas

There are many factors that can affect the amount of resources used by any service:

All of these can interact in many different ways, and some applications may be using more of one resource instead of the other - e.g, a Mastodon instance focused on video might end up with a lot of media storage, while a popular Lemmy instance with lots of users might end up using a lot of bandwidth.

We are trying to make this is as simple as possible for the admins. So our solution for that is to simply determine a basic "instance size" for the different services and to establish our pricing around that. The bigger the instance, the more resources will be allocated to it and the more capable it will be to handle a larger number of users.

Media Storage

There is no media storage limit at the moment, but eventually we will implement a system that keeps track of how much data is being used by your service. Once this system gets in place, the limits will be around:

Bear in mind these will be soft limits. When/if your server starts getting close to the limit, you will receive a notification via email. We are also considering the possibility of adding extra storage packs for those with servers that are media-oriented.


Similar to media storage, there is no control over your database quota at the moment. Once we start monitoring this, the planned limits for the database size will be: