Social networking without the walled garden

Mastodon is a software suite that works as an online social network. Users can write and share messages, notes, pictures, links and anything that fits in 500 characters. These messages are then accessible to any of the user's followers. Users can control who can follow them and who they want to follow, and there is no required reciprocity - i.e, you can follow someone even if they don't follow you back.

Mastodon is similar in functionality to Twitter, with the very important distinction that there can be many different Mastodon sites on the internet and you can follow users from any of those.

If you have an active account on communick, you can start talking with other Mastodon users right away. Just head to the login page, and use the same username/password as you used here.

Available Packages

By signing up to one of our standard access packages, you get an account and can connect to Mastodon right away.